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Asolo, the perfect place to relax

ASOLO, THE PERFECT PLACE TO RELAX, after an exhausting visit to Venice! Its’ a small charming city with 2000 years of history, culture, art, and located only 1 hour 20 minutes northwest of Venice in the hills.

The Italian verb “arosolare” means “to pass time in a delightful way” a perfect way to describe Asolo, which is also considered one of Italy’s most beautiful borghi. Coming from the Latin word ‘ asylum’ which means refuge—and that is exactly what Asolo is, a return to a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. Walk slowly around its narrow, hilly streets

with its many frescoed buildings. The arcaded area has terrific clothing boutiques, as well as charming antique shops, cafes and bars.

No wonder so many literary and artistic figures visited Asolo. The British poet Robert Browning and his wife Elisabeth settled there because of its beauty and charm.

LOOKING TO TASTE GREAT WINE—Asolo’s PROSECCO, is equal to its neighbour, Valdobiane. AND ITS FOOD IS UNFORGETTABLE, with its excellent, friendly trattorias that combine wholesome Veneto tradition based on seasonal specialties mixed with the special cuisine of Venice. Foodies will be very happy. There are two well priced 5 star hotels as well as a number of boutique ones.

And if you are itching to see a real Palladian villa, Villa Maser is just a few miles away.

ADD A FUN BREAK, a day trip to BASSANO DEL GRAPPA. famous for its wooden pontile bridge originally designed by Andrea Palladio is a favorite symbol of Italy’s famous Alpine soldiers. After it was destroyed again in WWII it was rebuilt by private donations from these soldiers and today is still used for gatherings and songfests. As befitting its name, it is the home of GRAPPA: Try one at the Nardini store on the bridge but don’t start driving back until you have had a very strong espresso.

ALSO STOP IN MAROSTICA BEFORE RETURNING TO ASOLO. Its’ famous for its biennial Chess Festival which played on a huge chess board that dominates the town’s main square. It will be held this year from September 12-13.

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