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Post Pandemic Travel to Italy has changed

Magic words for those of us who live here, who love Italy and hope that travelers can return to enjoy all the pleasures and beauty that La Bella Italia offers! Yes—we are here in our Milan and ready to get back to work. As you know, we were totally locked down for almost two months last year ( a particular words of thanks to so many of you who were in touch wondering how we were doing). And since that terrible period, Milan has opened and closed 18 times—following the Italian Governments color plan which told us what we could and couldn’t do, where and when we could go or not. But let’s all hope that is now ending.

We hate to repeat cliches but it is obvious that the Pandemmia experience has changed many things—all aspects of our lives, our interests, our choices for how we spend our leisure time, the way we work and how we relate to our neighbors, friends, communities, etc. And of course it has significantly changed how people will travel.

Travel to Italy in lots of ways has changed drastically– both for good and for bad. We think it’s best to start out with the description of how Mario Draghi, (Italy’s top-notch Prime Minister) will open Italy — causally, rationally, and based on science not politics. What exactly does this mean and how does it affect your travelers. The first very hopeful sign is that the American carriers to Italy are re-instating their flights—COVID Free. We think this will immediately reassure some of your clients who are nervous about flying. And to be cautious, the Italian Government has, at least for the foreseeable future—kept their health precautions—wearing of masks, both inside and outside, practicing social distancing, 4-6 limits at restaurant tables—and strict rules about lines, crowds etc.

Italy is still the number – one dream vacation of many Americans and that is why we believe that you as a ‘travel advisor’ and we who are ‘on the spot’ must be totally honest and up front with clients. Visiting the traditional sites in Italy’s art cities is now more complicated and requires advance reservations and planning. Our advantage is that we and our suppliers follow the travel situation day by day. As of now and in the foreseeable future, last – minute travel and tours will be difficult to arrange which makes your advice to clients more important than ever.

But as you know Italy is more than the Coliseum, the Leaning Tower and Pompeii. After almost 15 months of uncertainty, we think that travelers people will be searching for a relaxed trip to Italy. We call it Italia Serena—a true taste of Italy with beautiful views, art and architectural sites perhaps overlooked in past trips, always great food, fabulous wine and warm, welcoming people. We believe that by concentrating on Italia Serena we can still give clients who dream of an unforgettable Italian trip even with some concerns, questions and worries. Even if they are not always rational concerns, we recognize that people will have these doubts. We are recommending three different area of Italy combining all of the wonderful aspects that Americans expect when they visit Italy.

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