Post Pandemic Travel to Italy has changed

Magic words for those of us who live here, who love Italy and hope that travelers can return to enjoy all the pleasures and beauty that La Bella Italia offers! Yes—we are here in our Milan and ready to get back to work. As you know, we were totally locked down for almost two months … Continued

Asolo, the perfect place to relax

ASOLO, THE PERFECT PLACE TO RELAX, after an exhausting visit to Venice! Its’ a small charming city with 2000 years of history, culture, art, and located only 1 hour 20 minutes northwest of Venice in the hills. The Italian verb “arosolare” means “to pass time in a delightful way” a perfect way to describe Asolo, … Continued

Famous Italian Icons, Ferrari and Parmigian Cheese.

Strange combination, Ferrari and Parmigiano. Both are well known names that have made Italy famous. We are continuing our suggestions for “out of the way” experiences, that most visitors usually do not have time to fit into their trip. Our favorite city for these fun days is Bologna. Called Bologna Wise, as the world’s oldest … Continued

Travelling with Families

Travelling with families can be a lifelong dream or if not planned carefully turn into a nightmare. So here are some of our tips for a memorable Italian vacation: Don’t over schedule– don’t do more than one tour a day and if there are teenagers involved as we know they do not like to get … Continued

Five essential tips for travelling to Italy in 2019

Fall is definitely in the air—a cool breeze for the first time after what seemed to be the hottest, most humid September we ever remember! We thought we would start out this newsletter with some thoughts/reflections on the tourist season just passed. Italy was at times overloaded with tourists—students from all over Europe attracted by … Continued

Turning your Italian travel dreams
into vacation realities

Sophisticated Italy creates customized “made-to-measure” itineraries that make dreams come true and give travellers the opportunity to see Italy in a truly “special” way that becomes a unique and unforgettable experience!

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