“Ombre e Cichetti” Tour in Venice

A popular pre-lunch and pre-dinner ritual among the locals, “Ombre e Cichetti” refer to small glasses of local wine that accompany Venetian tapas-style specialties which are served up in the dozens of traditional baccari that dot the city of Venice.

Guests will begin their tour at 5:00 p.m. with a stop in a local wine shop, where you will learn about some of the finest wines of the region. The tour continues with visits to several of Venice’s baccari, where guests can sample an ombra (as well as the Veneto’s famous prosecco, a light sparkling wine or a Spritz, the local population’s aperitif of choice) and choose from among a wide variety of delicious, artfully prepared cichetti.

Guests will wind their way through two of Venice’s most interesting neighborhoods, the area around the bustling Rialto Market, where the tradition of “ombre e cichetti” is rooted, and the more laid back and residential Cannaregio, to get a taste both of where this tradition began hundreds of years ago and how it continues to thrive among Venetians today.

The “Ombre e Cichetti” Tour is ideal for those who are looking for a gastronomical experience as unique and special as the city of Venice itself.

Tour details

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