Exploring the Lagoon: Burano

This excursion takes us to the beginnings of Venice, when, after the fall of the Roman Empire, citizens sought shelter from the invading barbarians in the largely inaccessible swamps of the Venetian lagoon.

In 4 hours you can visit Torcello and Burano or Murano.

Taking a private motor taxi, you will visit the principal islands of the Venetian lagoon: First, Torcello, isolated in the middle of the lagoon with its 1000 year old Cathedral, Santa Maria Assunta, It is famous for its magnificent Byzantine mosaics. The most spectacular one is on the west wall from the 12-13th century, depicting the Last Judgement- others are located in the apse.

Burano, a typical Mediterranean fishing village known for its colorful houses, an irresistible scene for any photographer. In the past, the island was famous for its lace production continued today by only few women. From time to time they can still be seen pursuing their tatting outdoors, in the tranquility of a small corner space. Inside of the Church of San Martino there is a dramatic Crucifixion by Tiepolo.

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