Exploring the Lagoon: Murano

In 4 hours you can visit Torcello and Burano or Murano. Taking a private motor taxi, you will visit the principal island of the Venetian lagoon.

Its main street, is a y shaped canal lined with Renaissance houses and has been a center of glass making since 1292. You will visit several glass factories to see how Murano glass is made and then visit the Glass Museum with its unique collection of glassware from ancient to modern times.

Murano, an island just a bit off Venice, hosts the most amazing factories of glass. We’ll visit a special furnace, working for 700 years now and hosting some of the most famous artists in the world!

In the furnace, you will be able to see a glass Master at work. To become one, it takes 14 years of studying, more than to become a doctor.

Join your guide in experiencing how this beautiful glass is made.

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